Here are testimonials from some of Ursula Ungerleider Designs customers:
"I bought two earrings. I love earrings and find simple elegant silver earrings is not always an easy task. Ursula's earring draw me in, because of her first and foremost. To know the creator allows me to know the energy, passion, and love that went into the making and crafting and visioning the shape. The first pair I was drawn to were a simple oval shaped earring. It's classy and timeless, like Ursula! I knew this elegant pair of earrings would rock a pair of jeans and a black t-shirt with doc martins or would compliment a simple black cocktail dress. Versatile! The 2nd pair of earrings I chose were these wavy-dangling earrings. I loved the way they moved and changed shape and intent when you head is in motion. Ursula and I both come from dance backgrounds and it makes sense she would have a sense of movement and shape and how the light would hit the earring. It's a dance and a performance in and of itself."
~  Carmelina Martin  ~
"I am the proud owner of 2 Ursula designed pieces. I absolutely love the delicate stylized weave of the tiny silver seed beads. Being able to commission a one of a kind piece was also very appealing. The result was perfection!"
~  Jennifer Cox McCarthy  ~
"I have always been drawn to Ursula's elegant style. It has a soft but still edgy feel.  Her designs are a great reflection of her personality. She has the ability in her life and her art to present something beautiful but still unique with interesting detail that leaves one feeling they have gained a piece of one of a kind wearable art  that is not only special but an endearing reflection that suits my personality."
~  Dayna Stringer  ~
"Following through on her dreams Ursula is an artist in the field of jewellery making. From etching sentimental custom pieces, to intricate beading, her perfection in goldsmithing, to creating perfect stones. Her work is simply beautiful!"
~  Kim McGoran  ~
"I was first drawn to Ursula's work because I relished having a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry with which I had a personal connection - Ursula's heart!  When I wear her earrings, it really resonates with me that Ursula's tiniest design decisions have made them unique to me.  Her crafting is superb - balanced and beautiful.  I reach for earrings every time I need to feel complete - the last time was for my Dad's funeral.  Thanks, hon!"
~  Frances Gun  ~
"I have bought a few pieces that Ursula had made and they are skillfully crafted and beautifully designed. Highly recommended!"
~  Kip Cosgrove  ~
"What drew me to Ursula’s work was how unique all of her pieces are. Her website was very user-friendly and her prices were quite reasonable. I was also pleased to learn that she would be able to create a custom piece of jewelry for me, which was exciting! Each piece tells its own unique story, and I particularly like how nature-inspired her work is—from the materials she uses, to the shapes and textures of her pieces. The different elements of nature really shine through in her work. I would describe her style as rustic, yet modern and sophisticated…and this is what makes it special in my opinion."
~   Assa Soltani  ~