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Ursula Ungerleider Designs

Gold 18K Vermeil Rectangular Necklace with Gemstone

Gold 18K Vermeil Rectangular Necklace with Gemstone

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Gold 18K Vermeil Rectangular Bezel with Gemstone

Gold Vermeil 18K Rectangular Gemstone Pendant with Gemstone

Custom cut Gold Core Gemstone shown - Gemstones can include birthstones or other unique gems and are cut to order

Necklace includes a 16" Gold-Plated Box Chain

This exquisitely crafted Gold Vermeil 18K Rectangular Gemstone Pendant is perfect for adding a touch of sophistication and exclusivity to any ensemble. Expertly set in a bespoke frame, the pendant dazzles with the radiant light of your chosen individually cut gemstone, which can include a birthstone or other unique gem. Completed with a 16" Gold-Plated Box Chain, this necklace is true luxury.

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