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Ursula Ungerleider Designs

Yellow Gold Vermeil Ring

Yellow Gold Vermeil Ring

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Yellow Gold Vermeil Ring

Yellow Gold 14K Vermeil 3mm dainty ring

Styled theme - "Athena"

Sizes 6, 9 & 11 shown - other sizes available made to order

Pairs beautifully with Athena bangles

Adorn yourself with the elegant beauty of this luxurious vermeil "Athena" ring. Crafted from 14K rose gold and perfectly set to a 3mm width, this delicate dainty ring will gracefully accentuate your style. Featuring a size 11, other sizes are available made to order, allowing you to customize this gorgeous ring to your desired taste.Perfectly pairing with the Athena bangles, this elegant piece of jewellery will radiate a radiant splendor.

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